The Korea Business Forum meets twelve times a year and provides an opportunity for senior executives to discuss among themselves and with experts specific issues likely to impact their operations and strategies in Korea and North East Asia.

The form portrays a local and regional perspective on today’s business environment in Korea and by combining the knowledge of Euro-Asian Business Consultancy, Korea Associates Business Consultancy, outside speakers and Asian Expertise (AXP) analysts’ ideas are presented to challenge participants.

A stimulating and dynamic environment is provided with authoritative presentations which allow executives to look beyond their industry and company for new approaches to record.  The Korea Business Forum is a unique opportunity for top line managers of Korean and regional operations to share experience among their peers. All sessions are off the record.  The group has approximately 60 members drawn from the foreign, Korean and diplomatic community.

We also hold a second chance meeting which is a small group discussion based round the topic about one to two weeks after the main meeting if one or more members is interested.   Whereas the average attendance of the main session is about 25-30, the second chance meetings vary from 1 on 1 to 8 or 9 members gathered for breakfast.

We remain available by phone, text, email and meeting to discuss and brief members on how the economy and business is evolving.   In a typical month we are asked to provide updates on several topics discussed, called on to discuss urgent topics or issues or for panic updates of particular slides for an urgent briefing or invited to breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails or offices to discuss matters of concern to members all services covered by the membership fee.

We also encourage you to bring visitors or colleagues with you to meetings or other events.

But the best way to understand KBF is to take the KBF challenge and come to a meeting without obligation and assess whether the kind of meeting and discussion is what you are looking for.

When you decide it is what you want, we then discuss how to structure the membership fee according to your requirements.