The Korea Associates Business Consultancy (hereafter ‘KABC’) must comply with the following privacy policy to ensure the confidentiality of members’ personal information and access to the services (hereafter ‘services’) of the Korea Business Forum website (hereafter ‘The Website’). To this end, KABC can update the privacy policy without prior notice, and members can always check the latest version of the privacy policy through the page.

KABC does not disclose or distribute members’ personal information without their consent. KABC shall not disclose or distribute personal information of members who use such information for commercial purposes or provide information to others without the member’s consent in relation to the provision of the service. Applies in cases prescribed by Korean law.

The purpose of collecting and using member information through the service is as follows.

When operating the website, we provide service and receive membership information to provide services when applying for membership. In addition, changes to your personal information obtained through log files or other surveys on our servers are used to analyse your demographic distribution, interests, and behavioural patterns to better understand you and serve you better.

KABC allows all members to view and modify their personal information.

Members can view, edit and update their information at any time through my page.

The period of retention and disposition of personal information, while accessing the services provided by KABC as a member, the member’s personal information is stored in KABC and used to provide services. However, if the member requests to cancel the subscription and the purpose of receiving personal information has been achieved, the collected information is completely deleted from the hard disk in a way that cannot be reproduced. Or you can access it in another way.

Members are responsible for managing the service’s ID and password. KABC is committed to protecting the privacy of its members. However, in addition to these efforts, in order to effectively protect personal information, each member must properly manage his or her member ID and password, and the member is responsible for this. KABC is not responsible for accidentally revealing a member’s ID and password if the member is responsible. Also, in no case can you request or notify a member’s password via phone or email. Therefore, members are strongly encouraged to change frequently using their ID and password. KABC may make every effort to protect the privacy of its members, but is not responsible for any personal mistakes or risks arising from the underlying Internet risks.

KABC must make efforts to improve the service in order to protect the member’s personal information according to the agreement. In order to secure the legitimacy of personal information and protect the rights of members and KABC, the following personal information managers are designated and operated to properly perform public affairs, and the following companies are used for smooth operation, maintenance and service of the website. Manage and operate with.

Company name: Korea Associates Business Consultancy
President: Michell, Anthony Ronald
Person-in-charge of privacy management: Jinhwan Jeon